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We did : on page + off page SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

-Keywords: nude sex, sex shows, nude cam, naked sex and related
-Google competition: About 634,600,000 results
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-Page rank achieved: PR 3
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-Deadline to achieve SEO goals: September 2012



We do : on page + off page SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

-Keywords: stickam girls, stickam jailbait, ailbait stickam, stickamgirls
-Google competition: About 5,520,000 results
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-We start to optimize this site in September 2012
-Deadline to achieve SEO goals: June 2013


We do : on page + off page SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

-Keywords: solo girl, solo girls, sologirl, sologirls
-Google competition: About 134,000,000 results
-Target: 1st page in 12 months
-Page rank achieved: PR 0
-We start to optimize this site in June 2012
-Deadline to achieve SEO goals: June 2013


Since October 2011 we provide SEO Services for freeporn.com website.
In January 2013 we stopped optimizing this site since was sold and the new owner chosen to make it a simple page with a link to xvideos.com